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Stomp Stress Away

Stressed Out?

Let Me and My Team of Experts Show You
How to Reduce Stress from Your Life Right now!

Hello, my name is Dr. Cory Bank, and I am a Certified School Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, and a Peak Performance Coach. I also teach at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in the Graduate Program of Psychology, and I have completed the Iron Man USA Triathlon. You may have seen me as a featured guest on many network television shows including NBC's Today Show.

I've been helping people for over 20 years to relieve stress so they can improve their performance in career achievement, sports, relationships, school issues, and anger management.

Too Much Stress Can Harm You!

While we all go through stressful situations at different points in our lives, the effects of day to day stress can take its toll.

Look around you - your family, friends, co-workers -- and try to count the number of people you know who suffer from high blood pressure, depression, and back pain. These are all symptoms of stress!

How does stress affect you? Do you tend to worry about things you have little control over? Are you distracted by the millions of things that seem to come at you every day? If so, you might be dealing with too much stress.

Become a Stomp Stress Away Member Today!

I have several clients in my private practice, and they pay me very well for my time and results, but recently I made a decision to share my methods for stress reduction with everyone through an affordable, online, digital video membership site called Stomp Stress Away. These are challenging economic times that we face and I believe that everyone is entitled to top of the line stress reduction strategies without hurting their budget.

As a member of the Stomp Stress Away program, I will provide you with strategies and tactics that you can use for managing and eliminating stress from your life featuring:

Guest Expert Interviews
Value $297.00

Seven 20-30 minute video interviews with leading experts such as psychologists, certified life coaches, personal fitness trainers, former professional athletes, and certified massage therapists who will explain the top strategies for reducing stress in your life. Topics include reducing tension in your relationships, performing well under pressure in sports, successfully balancing your work and home life, using exercise to increase health, and many more!

That's almost $300.00 of professional advice, but I am going to offer you membership at only a fraction of that price! Learn at your own pace and have the confidence that you will conquer stress with a talented group of experts in your corner.

You'll Also Receive These Invaluable Bonuses!

16 Jump Start Strategies
Value $37.00

These 16 strategies are practical steps you can take right now to reduce and eliminate stress in your life. Pick a few, implement them today, and see immediate positive changes in your lifestyle and attitude.

Progressive Relaxation Demonstration
Value $37.00

Most people do not know how to relax. This video demonstration will provide you with a proven, effective way to relax anytime, anywhere, under virtually any stressful situation.

50 Inspirational Quotes
Value $37.00

Use these 50 different quotes to inspire and motivate you when stress has you in its grips. Remember, eliminating stress starts by assuming a positive mental attitude!

All together that's over $100.00 in bonus material that is absolutely free when you become a member of Stomp Stress Away.

The Experts Agree:
Dr. Bank & Stomp Stress Away Are Winners!

"Dr. Cory Bank has taken all the best ways to handle stress and put them together in a clear way that anyone can use to lower their stress levels. Best of all, the price is affordable for anyone!" -- Chris McGlinn, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Certified School Psychologist

"I have known Dr. Cory Bank for over 30 years. He is a renowned psychologist and has built a busy private practice specializing in sports psychology and wellness. He is to be commended for his expertise and for putting together this incredibly helpful web site to help others reduce the stress in their daily lives." -- David Rojer, MD

"Cory Bank gets it. He understands what is truly important in life, and he knows how to help you achieve that same balance without sacrificing your personality or lifestyle. There are not many people in this world that have his powers of perception. Without a doubt, Dr. Cory Bank will give you the skills you need for success!" -- Mindy Markus-Rodden, RN

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