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Abington Psychology
The Abington Center

The Abington Center For Therapy And Sports Psychology's methods of therapy and assessment are individually tailored and eclectic in nature. The Center integrates an array of approaches including the psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and ecological perspectives in order to address the needs for each person.

Dr. Cory Bank and Dr. John D'Alessandro are committed to healing not just the symptoms, but the underlying problems and issues in order to help individuals develop better understanding and long lasting change.

When To Refer

  • When a person experiences anxiety in school, sports, or other areas of their lives
  • When a person is going through a difficult period due to a loss, disappointment, or adjustment
  • When a person loses his or her ability to enjoy life
  • When there is a problematic relationship with family members, friends, or partners
  • When a person suspects that he or she may have a learning disability

Specific Specializations

  • Adjustment Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Goal Setting
  • Peak Performance
  • Relationship Issues
  • School/student Issues
  • Sports Psychology
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management